in handling company website optimization operators, we modify the optimization for a long time or simple maintenance and symbolic of the old site, but in the past a long time after the site effect does not appear, visitors Advisory quantity and site visits or not gone up, even in a period of time almost no results at all, this is not only bad boss, also let us struggle in the front-line employees big pressure

: before the revision of the company’s more than 40 base stations are used to promote products and services enterprises to build the WordPress website blog site, is basically a set of program structure, front template style is not beautiful, are still unable to modify the place, column TDK cannot modify and add the embarrassment, repeat included website URL links. At the same time, on the site of the program background above, the website login account is a very difficult thing, in response to a landing site background almost to take several minutes for the website backstage program, for this type of website, believe that the majority of Shanghai dragon Er, will not live in the heart or mouth burst exit the grass mud horse, exactly who is doing a background landing site program, have no access to the front end of the modified optimization are not ready, this is the site optimization which God do


website has not existed before the revision of several reasons, so we have to make a determined effort to conduct a large-scale modification site for all of the company’s website template, now also achieved some good results. So here a Shanghai dragon would say some problems about the optimization of our old website template, if your website templates also exist such problems, suggest you timely replacement of a new website template, so as not to waste your time and energy, but also can’t finish your promotion goals.

in order to save the time and cost of development, we optimize the departments in Shanghai Longfeng without the help of independent program, in the network above for more than 20 sets of Web site templates, and spent half a month’s time on the original website revision optimization. While the PC side of the site revision after the site there is a serious problem, ranging from the existence of the death of so many websites, website optimization has entered an embarrassing situation.



in fact, in the website before we have to consider the treatment site chain, each new site template on the front line, will adopt the same approach in Jinhua webmaster tools, the extraction site inside all the links saved to a local TXT file, the new template on-line and then uploaded to the root directory of the web site. The link includes Baidu, submitted to the search engine, let search engine platform automatically delete the site of the chain, but the effect is not as we wish. The death has not been Baidu, submitted by the website chain has been in a wait state, resulting in most of the website has links.

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