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How to submit comments on the website

my search is the user’s own search, we can decide our love or do not love the site, and the good and bad is a relatively simple tomato to represent, is mainly divided into three types, one is the user more love, in the search results is relatively high-quality website said with a red tomato; the second is in the search results still passable, users of the evaluation is basically in the middle position, so here the yellow tomato said, the last one is we don’t want to get the most, is the green tomato, this means there are many people who do not love this website, also said the user experience is relatively poor, will be in the search results to carry out appropriate treatment.


since the 360 search on-line, is a lot of change, and this is on the line 1st Anniversary announced to break the search industry, the main push of the "PeopleRank" technology, which is what we want to say today this user comments system, as long as the user comments in the use of the website user experience, will to some extent affect website ranking above. The 360 new search function named "my search".

360 now the search is not more enlarging trend, but from the current share, but also a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners began to study it, some time ago there are a lot of people exposed that the website vulnerability score increased or high in the search rankings will be above the front, so many people the use of 360 website vulnerabilities tools, but little guard tentative results point of view, and did not see the obvious flow into, but to their website to reduce security risks is still good, suggest that you can try.



this is a page I view in the 360 search on the above small sentry is a simple search, here is seen in the snapshot followed by a tomato with percentage of praise, the picture is completely appeared, although it is a competitor, but does not seem to spoof means. But don’t know what will. From here to see, 360 search engines are already in power in the user, that is to say if we stand side after do not make each other happy, basically we are right down the risk.

many people after seeing the news must be found the own website did not seem to have this function, the search results and the tomato, what reason is this? In fact, the 360 launch of this function we need to 360 website to submit a comment. 360 search engine does not take the initiative to display the tomato, if you have this need we can go to the site will be submitted, submitted after the audit, but not small also can not guarantee the sentry.


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