keyword must learn the layout, it does not exceed 30% in the hyperlink page layout, page layout for the other should also be appropriate, so that it can improve the overall site, some pages instead of spiders in the grab, and some spiders cannot enter the page.

: when I suggest the new website best on Thursday to Monday, at this time it will be faster on the line. The easiest way is to build the line outside the chain, can release some articles in the A5 forum, Chinaz forum, with a hyperlink in the article, this love Shanghai spiders will crawl your site, if your site is done in front of the two and the host code.

new line links should be reasonable to layout

The author suggests that a new station on the line after the When

new website is also a time limit, many owners are not have this feeling, it is on Friday through the weekend on-line I love Shanghai station that basically are not included, and on Monday to Thursday included website love Shanghai more, this is because of falling in love with the sea has its own cycle. Especially when the Thursday crawl your higher rate.

new website will be the first time to be included in the vast majority of webmaster heart, but most of the owners are not up to that point, after a part of the new line not only up to one day be included, even some websites for several days and weeks have not loved Shanghai recognized, this site is not in the station optimization well, to make the new website the most rapid love Shanghai included, to do the preparatory work is the key to a new station on the line.

the new website.


, the author suggests that no matter what kind of website, no matter what is the website of the industry, the line on the website after the first thing is to do the content of the website construction. So the site on-line before at least five original articles and related articles, and the number of articles each should be at least 600 words and paragraphs, only in this way can make the search engine spiders came to the site after the content can crawl.

build the best cycle and the chain

a lot of the new website is the keyword hyperlinks to the home page of the website, there is also a part of the owners believe that this can strengthen the weight on the web page, and in fact? Keywords hyperlink is only a part of the site, especially on the home page, we just need to grab and included not keywords super link on the home page ranking promotion.

railway station site what can make the search engine the first time to accept our website, only the web content is the fundamental of website construction, the lack of content of the site or the contents of the original and the correlation is not high site, so the site on-line after certainly not up to the requirements of the search engine, which will cause the website the search engine can be fast included.

content is search engine included a new station on the line in

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