may be able to do this in the future

is called "entrepreneurship on Go Public"

a venture to own as a listed company

began to disclose all the actual data


In an interview with

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aunt today once again pushed to the media wave, we can chat with the founder of firewood, in addition to clarify some facts, the conversation is more valuable, is the founder of enterprises as a repeated criticism of the feelings of firewood can be a lot of words to say.

(hereinafter, Q reporter Liu Qiongyu A Bo Wang Zhi, the aunt of founder Chai Ke


Q: Aunt

is the failure of financing?

A: we have confirmed with the cast party in October, but last year we accept health investment, corporate disclosure must give priority to its portfolio companies, so we must be later than all investors to make disclosure, this is a rather awkward fact.

Q: Aunt employees year-end bonus whether all cancelled


A: we have been in the end of the year award in the hair, issued in February of each year, 7, in a year, the beginning of this year and in the middle of the year in August. But you have not seen any company in November the end of the year award, we expect the next year in February will be the same as the end of the year award, as far as the number of hair, I would like to be honest.

start-up companies in the business model is unstable, in order to encourage everyone to stay, may send a lot of year-end awards. But for the end of the year award and stay, is not necessarily the best choice. After all, you are still a business model in the exploration of the enterprise, the money spent or investors.

Q: before aunt BP data about 10 times magnification fraud investors, investment managers and promised to give rebates to promote the financing of the rumors are true?

A: This is defamation has reason, the other thing to own security in the us. I can not say that the specific situation is a friendly industry partners do something. In fact, in April this year, there are giants want to bring together the two do. In the process of the occurrence of another thing, this thing is the original, but Ann in us, it seems meaningless.

Q: the rumors that the aunt in March this year to September users lost nearly half of the actual data, what is the


A: live about 34000000 in the beginning of the month, more than $40 million last month. The problem lies in the public relations and data companies, such as × × industry, you know they are money work, work is simple and rough, we have refused to provide protection to them, they have also been put into the fourth fifth of today’s headlines.

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