Shanghai dragon is a science, something that involves is very extensive, a lot of friends when doing the Shanghai dragon often focus on external things, such as external links, or advertising, and ignore their website internal things, today I will talk about some of the things HTML layout and I hope to help you, also welcome to discuss.

write HTML structure

many friends love to insert a IMG tag as the site of the LOGO, people feel a bit chaotic for resources, why? Because now the search engine ALT attribute of the IMG tag has been almost ignored. There is a search engine on a site before the HTML part is very important, here I give an example to teach you how to use your LOGO, we open the website of Sohu to check his source files, found its LOGO IMG tag is not inserted into the picture, but this definition:


H1 {text-indent:-5000px; display:block; width:143px; height:67px; float:left; margin:0 Auto

> maybe

H1 a {width:143px; height:67px; float:left; background:url (../images/logo.gif) no-repeat; overflow:hidden

, a good

two, using your LOGO

a good HTML document structure both for search engines, or the code (section or programmer) are there any harm. Think about the reason why people abandon the TABLE layout (table), because the use of the TABLE layout has produced a lot of redundant code, and in order to reach a certain visual effect, can apply more than one table. So if you use the DIV+CSS layout, but your HTML document node nesting is too deep or too much redundant code, and basically no difference between what the table layout. Here I recommend a foreign expert to write the website, you can refer to his document structure of Zengarden (onion garden) in Shanghai just get out of love.


Many people will ask how

< H1 > < a; href=" 贵族宝贝sohu贵族宝贝" title=" Chinese Sohu – the largest portal " > < /a> < Sohu; /h1 >

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