2, local information platform

Chinese people love to travel, which can be seen in reports of tourism economy in many countries, Chinese accounted far can be ranked in the forefront. Now, the store’s sales, is no longer a single way of tourism and travel, sales on the Internet, is more common, and more directly facing the potential customers, after all, the stores in large supermarkets or is the building next to, can not require those who go to the supermarket to buy food is every day people who work in leisure time, tourism consulting to matters, but on the Internet, targeted work every day to computer, and now have the economic ability of personnel, relatively speaking, can use the computer to find the content of tourism is also increasing, therefore, tourism e-commerce is becoming the "pie" more people are rushing to.

1, Showtime travel

so, more high-quality source chain about our company website:

today to see a news website, the Tencent to the same process of Tencent investment money, more money, money is a common thing, this news, see is another tourism e-business.

is now clear, after the departure of Google China, love Shanghai in China search is rising sharply, accounted for more than 80% years, the importance of the website as can be imagined. Fell in love with the maritime search and "tourism", Showtime accounted for at first, Showtime? In fact, it is like Taobao in that shop platform, but the shop staff usually each, but the enterprise. Xinxin daily traffic is very high, the love of Shanghai was also given very high weight. Our company is in the top opened a shop opened 贵族宝贝lxs.cncn贵族宝贝/74479, Wang Pu, daily updated its line of management is not very often, but every day will also bring some IP, the effect is good, the most important is that the site is not like Taobao screen included, so we love Shanghai. Every upload line will be displayed on the inside, our company’s official website, in line with the upload, for our website, but also a chain. The chain like this, whether you are searching for people still love Shanghai, it is very good to say.

, however, can be found, the tourism e-commerce promotion, and other website promotion mode is not essentially too much on the change, after all, it is the first e-commerce, moreover, is the product of tourism products. However, as a tourist site to do the chain, but also need a high quality promotion, not only to increase the number, but also to enhance the quality, enhance the potential customers, improve the conversion rate.

information website, it can be said that the 58 market, these are a lot more, listen to these platforms in the search daily required at the same time, the classification of tourism, is not in the minority, but the website is very good, small in general after the release of a chain, after a half many hours, you can see the information there. No >

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