3, spontaneous and editing behavior of each other, at the mention of a concept, that your page is best, the most authoritative, link to your page.

1. Links all only for a term of Links.

The anchor text link

3. single chain, the chain site is recently released in the Links platform, and also is this a keyword anchor.

I guess love sea K my words because my anchor text is too simple, the construction of the chain is too single, so the work process in the future to a wide range of. Key words do not a single, the construction of the chain more widely. I am a novice, it is not clear that whether my words are one cause of K, welcome to give me this new course, some guiding opinions.

station no problem I want to stand out, recalling the two days I look at Zac’s new book, there are for the description of a link I seem to think of a website keywords is the cause of the K. Remember when I had been in a keyword to the site to do the ranking only do a keyword ranking of words.


5, the anchor text: anchor text keywords target is a good external links, but the anchor text can not be too concentrated.

6, link position: the best external links appear in the text, because only the text is most likely with.

1, click on the traffic flow is the original meaning: click on the link, if get links from site traffic, even if there is NOFOLLOW or turn, is also a good link.

2, one-way link: one-way links active to give each other the webmaster, do not need to link back, Links than one-way link power is much less important.

January 22, 2011 is a day when people very tangled, I have been spending more than a website for love Shanghai ranking has lost, what causes it, for a long time did not want to come out, I didn’t do what action, every day is very natural, it is normal for the website to add the links, do not know why this keyword is K. Keywords other search engine rankings are not.

4 contentrelevance: a weight loss coach said a page is about to lose weight, the effect of more than Shanghai Longfeng staff said that the page weight is the stronger the vote.

I will Zac new book about what kind of link is a good link to describe from it, we can look at.

4. in a large number of blogs will also add all point to the home page, resulting in a rapid rise in the keyword ranking.

2. within a short period of time inside the site only add a sort of article, and the station anchor text are the keywords of the anchor text do.

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