how to do website ranking? How do website? This is many webmaster concern, so I want to ask is when you are thinking about this question is considered his fine degree in the optimization process? The details of everything, even the details of one thing will determine the success or failure, so how to correct the optimization of the inside pages of keywords, how to pinpoint key words? The Shanghai dragon Er Xiaofan made according to the analysis of its optimized enterprise station for everyone, if there is no local haihan.

Shanghai dragon

now many webmaster in the optimization of enterprise website will do a lot of links, but these links are no exception to the front page of the site, so the benefits of doing so is the home page ranking is very high, but the long tail keywords inside page ranking is very few, we think, if you are love Shanghai spiders, always let you eat the same things, will you? So how to solve this problem systematically? Rachel Er Shanghai Longfeng summarized the following optimization scheme.

search engine with the precision and standardization, user experience optimization has been put on the agenda, believe in the future development of optimization technology and user experience must be combined to do real marketing, I do is enterprise station, when analyzing the background data found that the flow accuracy of precise long tail word brings the customer is very high, clear objectives, so the keywords you need to do the

we all know that the site could not be revised, especially new sites, but many new webmaster friends but anyway it is new, modified keywords and website template will not affect what, as the saying goes "pain", now better after the revision revision, so Xiao Shanghai Longfeng Er also advised the webmaster friends. You need to put the good website keywords positioning in website early, so that it can later in a purpose to optimize.

A. website long tail keywords no ranking, web site long tail word layout

C. standing outside the chain how to do

development today, I think the B2B information and links platform still needs to be done, especially when the enterprise website optimization, we need large quantities of information to cover B2B, after all, can do some web site keywords, Xiaofan send in the chain not only add home products the page and page of the article I will issue, such as today I sent 20 outside the chain, in accordance with the proportion of 3/7,.6 page 14 links to the home page, so.


B. station in the chain how to do

ER in Shanghai Longfeng Xiaofan enterprise website optimization, love the keyword appears in the news site in (note not deliberately stack) linked to the relevant page, I think this can increase the user experience, to allow customers to browse more pages can also increase web traffic, in general the number of anchor text should be controlled in 3-5. A word, do good links.

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