in Shanghai Longfeng seemed to understand the audience, largely lies in the choice of keywords to consider more. But the audience is the rain Maple porch feel understood throughout the optimization scheme, not only the simple keyword selection.

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this leads to the same category, due to consumption of different ages, not a very good understanding of the audience, not interested in products for a website in the traffic group. A website is not to get traffic from interested in their products in the crowd.

for understanding the audience is very detailed, can through the whole optimization scheme should not deviate from the real target customer groups, for the website positioning in the marketing companies to better understanding and faster development of

in addition to its own products or services in all aspects of in-depth understanding, the market also need to understand the classification of their products are, each corresponding to a block classification website and will be created in the. Create on the website and the market classification corresponding to the forum, will receive the search flow associated with this classification.

the success of the Shanghai dragon to have a detailed understanding of the enterprise mechanism itself. Your company provide what kind of products and services, what information and what resources? An important process of Shanghai dragon is to understand who is in your search to promote things. Understand who is your site target population, which is part of the Shanghai dragon can not be ignored. However, the target group is not always easy to identify.

understand the audience are actually considered the enterprise development and expansion strategy in the whole industry to understand the situation. Like Amazon, from the beginning to now sell books, what development sells online bookstore dangdang贵族宝贝, similar sites are still many. Through this transition site may completely change the structure, anticipate this change can find the corresponding solution.

is a product because of the age difference between different search and search, the difference between men and women is different, another consideration is the different search area.

understand the most important audience something subdivision site audience. A website is likely to buy small appliances website, Shanghai dragon personnel related words make up. As a young man, may consider people like themselves how to search small instruments above, but a website gadget is to sell about 60 people.

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