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content whether new flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, or old station may appear in the search engine observation period. General understanding "website weight problems", the website needs to further increase the weight optimization. In fact, the website weight shortage is on the one hand, on the other hand, may be a precursor to site will be down the right. But what factors trigger the "precursor"? Face search engine how to avoid suspicion, two audit "webmaster, the topic is:

after the website? Two audit content, or snapshot stagnation is the main manifestation of the. But I think that "the severity of the two audit" more than "snapshot stagnation". The search engine according to the official explanation, "snapshot stagnation" search engine is not synchronized in time to the website information. But "two audit"? The search engine did not give a reply. The two audit, more "website weight trust crisis", is likely to face is right to be reduced. At the same time, search engine gives reasonable revision, and not be right down! Actually, what kind of change will be down right? The answer is in the revision is not conducive to the search engine optimization problems. This >

three: avoid the drawbacks of

if your site has the absolute right to speak, of course, what kind of content will not be limited because the search engine, "the right to speak is the content of the website weight". However, the site itself, the weight of mediocre, but always love to touch some of the content itself can not accommodate, are faced with two audit search engine. For example, a child said: "my future is China, I believe the richest man". But if the well-known Internet bigwigs, no one would sniff at. The search engine on the web, also has such a division. Website weight is very high, determines its discourse level. In its own weight released within the tolerance range of topics will not be any restrictions on search engines, but if not professional qualification, detached outside "and" talk ", the face is the suspicion of speculation, which is two times of audit.

! Two audit

two: update the

: don’t touch sensitive trouble

in fact I think that "the search engine for the different weights of the sites included in each period the contents are limited". Even if a second site, if released in a period of time the content exceeds this limit, then the content will not be included. What is more frightening is that the website will suddenly because of the content of "abnormal", which was included in the observation line. As can be imagined, a beggar’s hand there are dozens of pieces of money nobody cares, but if suddenly hundreds of thousands will be normal? If you want in the website content increases not caught two audit crisis, to do is to update the content gradually improve the asymptotic echelon, internal capacity, so that the search engine gradually increase the weight to relax the restrictions. Binary view: original within the capacity of ascension website weight

content arranged in good order

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