site in the domain name after repeated snapshot of how to do

as everyone knows, go to the station network in December because of domain name domain name changed now the domain name qujianzhan贵族宝贝, once love Shanghai snapshot repeatedly, even the back phenomenon. I combine my website to replace the domain experience approach under the domain name website snapshot play fast and loose with everyone, I hope to inspire you!

The importance of

, I love Shanghai snapshot is updated every day.

2, keep the title, column, page layout and stable website, wait a long time, not anxious to repeatedly modify the website of these tags.


but I also know that the site to replace the domain name, is actually equivalent to re do a website is not urgent. So I wait until January 29th, I found the website snapshot update Shanghai love finally, really afraid will appear repeatedly, January 30th morning I got up early to check and update the snapshot ah, the day of January 30th, I finally sighed, dangerous over a period of


, my website domain name replacement.


to this point of my article "in an article on the website how to love Shanghai and Google will be able to get high weight" had its importance for the detailed site weight.


I got old members, especially the establishment of the station network and I stepped on the Qi webmaster are found, my website domain name from December replaced the current top-level domain, it may be one thing all make friends have to face, the domain name is a door into the site of your site. If not for a top-level domain name with the original two level domain name, there will be a lot of restrictions on the development of the website, such as unable to apply for the love Shanghai alliance and Google advertising alliance, and the two level domain instability often be stopped or changed frequently, causing all of the original users can not enter the loss, so I spend more 60 yuan to buy now the top-level domain name and by the Ministry of the record, which is now the main domain name in the browser address bar. After changing almost every day update on love Shanghai, the new domain name included 4 pages from the first included 6 pages, and to the present 5 pages, the snapshot is repeated several times, and even back to No. 16, and No. 21, and No. 11, really depressed!

3, appropriate to do outside the chain, especially with some high PR value of similar sites to exchange links, reverse attract spider! The chain method exchange and exchange standard can refer to the original articles "5 tips Links exchange".


1, to love Shanghai, Google, Youdao, search and other search engines to submit their own website. Because the new domain name is equivalent to the new website, to submit to be

4, website updated frequently do. Some of my friends love the click rate ranking, I love by order published, this page can do often update

The cause of

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