investors do not have a small number of businesses, but to see people doing their own work and dry, after all, is the two taste. 51 car founder Li Huabing was an investor, witnessed the entrepreneurial process of Yao Jinbo and Liu Qiangdong. When he got his entrepreneurial investment Lei Jun, believed to have climbed to the top.

can not live up to the trust

look back, many things in my life, in fact, 18 years old that year has been decided.

that year, I admitted to the Department of computer science, Wuhan University. A university, had heard of the Lei, looked at him in an interview in the "computer" on, think this person is very powerful. Soon, he went back to school to give a speech, gave me a few impressions. First, his passion surging. Second, this is the first time I heard a word, called management. Third, and he talked about Microsoft’s competition, said that the next ten years, then a gamble and Microsoft. The applause, that is worthy of our big brother.

later, I asked our classmates remember Lei this speech, said they do not remember, but I remember very clearly. So, this is called karma.


three open spot, everyone will think what to do next. I don’t think I’m going into politics. My character is relatively hot, not suitable for climbing, engage in political struggle is not enough. I was a child in rural areas, a child growing up in the mountains, love feeling freely in the reed marshes, politics is not my personality.

I have considered the army

. My father is a soldier. The army can strong physique, but also to accept more hard training, I want to challenge. However, when the soldiers come back to do what, my father is not back when a worker.

I also want a

. But every day surgery, the environment is not what I want.

in the early 1990s, the father of the chemical plant perennial losses, often do not pay wages. I know, we don’t have any money. Sometimes, the factory also allows employees to raise funds. I was talking to my dad, your factory how so strenuous, is not the factory director, simply let me try. It was a joke, but I think unsuspectingly and run a business, enterprise, complete autonomy led a team to do the things they want to do, this is probably what I want.

see Lei, my subconscious mind will find the benchmark. This speech to everyone on the stage so so passionate, casual and elegant bearing. This is the object of my study, which is what I should do in the future.

2011, Lei Jun encouraged me to start, give me 2 million yuan of angel. He is an important man in my life, I cherish this opportunity, not everyone can get Lei Jun investment, or your brother for your investment.

but I may therefore carry a huge emotional baggage, because Lei Jun investment when I say a word. He said, you know what, I think you have 9>

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