in Figure 2 for love Shanghai second sites, eighth sites in Figure 3, other sites here do not do too much to say, we look at the chain of the two sites, there are many places is the same? Careful readers can certainly find, the two station in time the outside of the chain are choosing the classification.


love Shanghai, every group in the forum to discuss the most is how you stand by K, it did recover. The medical station and other stations are different is the competition between the industry, most of Shanghai dragon Er is in the medical site, want to own a good website ranking is to squeeze out other competitors in the station, stepping on someone else’s body. Therefore, the chain medical station is to a certain extent determines the prospect of this station.

a recent love Shanghai big update, the author does not hand stand too much change, the station received before impact has not been restored, on rival station, I was surprised to find a more than 5 years the station has also been love Shanghai K off, it is the only line of 4 months of new sites (figure 1).

then, the author makes a analysis, love Shanghai "gastropathy hospital" the keywords, take home medical station (a domain name and must be in the hospital site) analysis of the chain (Figure 2, figure 3) as part of:

can be seen from the chart, the site does not have too many features, even the latest snapshot is not included, is only more than 500, but it was replaced by others after 5 years old stand down, at home. The only difference is their different outside the chain, the author boldly conjecture: the chain is the two factors lead to differences of

[figure 1]

[figure 2]


[figure 3]

Shanghai dragon know "in the chain for the emperor, the chain is king" this sentence, but the daily work are around the chain, the chain, which do most is the chain. About how to do the chain, the chain should pay attention to what, these knowledge is a glut on the Internet, just love Shanghai, you will find that all is in the form of the system about the chain. But the real practice time, many novice Shanghai dragon will find that this is really a tangled thing, the chain do enough to do is wide enough, but can’t beat them a more than 1000 chain station. I also do medical sites, when access to industry, every day is crazy hair of the chain, see the Forum on the shining eyes, the peak time for a month to more than 4000, the chain, and then continued to send a few months later, I found that the chain station play not much color, but also some stations back! It seems, only to send the chain is not much good for the site, the chain should choose hair.

Medical site countless recent major update

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