many novice webmaster, a company in May after the interview, all walks of life will have, I entered is a building material industrial company, the company is very small, popular products. The main keyword index was more than 500.

, a continuous mining from the user search habits of the keyword


three, it is necessary to pay promotion

said don’t pay promotion, narrow that only "love Shanghai auction"; at least, I have tried this love Shanghai auction >

two, constantly optimize the chain platform

in the work of novice webmaster, the chain platform, is certainly unavoidable, here, I want to say is not the so-called "pure text, anchor text, weight transfer and so on, in the first place, what you want is [show], as much as possible to show your company product information; as much as possible to show the information in good position; as far as possible accurate customer consultation to clinch a deal. We did not lose the basic obligations of Shanghai Longfeng station, just in the moment we really must think more.

love Shanghai index should be an important indicator of keywords can get much traffic, [] Shanghai fire board love highest index is around 500, but the fire board is just a big class, there are many very small; but this is the website main keywords. This leads visitors to the website, most of the time is not accurate, here, some people think of the long tail keywords, we only have to tap the words in user search habits of, you have the customers want, will have a preference for you.

today I want to share with you some of what is not hanging fried day Shanghai dragon "confidential", more than some of you think the Shanghai dragon unknown technology, I have some bloggers dislike some personal webmaster establishment, befooled novice webmaster, what what technology can quickly improve the keywords ranking, can flow bursting, at least in my work until now, have not found what unconventional means, you said you would cheat, OK, your cattle, you badly, but I don’t suggest you take the website to do the operation. Could you make a keyword in a certain period of time to obtain the ranking, but you know in your heart, you cheat!

I entered the Shanghai dragon promotion in this industry is just less than a year, like many novice, just entered this industry is still very excited, think there are a lot of things to do, should pay attention to the description of TDK, should pay attention to the quality, should pay attention to pay attention to the layout of the keywords included, and so on, but after… I entered the building materials company, found that these are just some basic work, it can be said that Shanghai Longfeng, must understand the basic principle of love, Shanghai included an article ranking and give what factors influence these in his mind must be a clear concept.

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