I met such a situation, a IDC service provider in the morning every day when the server is temporarily rest (I say that I don’t understand why people do, must have a purpose, such as to reduce the bandwidth, reduce the loss of the server. The server……) and often attack, suddenly open what, then, a spider crawling is also a problem, because the spider is equivalent to an ordinary user, it is time to more or less are not open, it did not want to come, this is also the impact site included reducing an important factor

solution: This is relatively simple, choose a reputable, the strength of the IDC service provider

collection site


address: at least each do artificial pseudo original, do not collect….


I have a friend, hacking is awesome, he just learning website, the first station is the novel station, he used all the collection, or pseudo original, original use of hacker intrusion within the high weight of the site, there were a lot of one-way chain, the website weight rise very fast a short period of time, it included the more than 100 thousand, relevant keywords ranking is also good, but good times don’t last long lasted 3 months, after included decrease slowly, I also went to see, now only included a home page.

is beginning to write this, because I have 2 stations, it is for this reason that led to reduction in the included. It also involves a lot of love, Shanghai site exposure rate, Links etc.. For example, the exchange Links was suddenly in the URL is K, is right down. There are a lot of reverse link information suddenly expired, the chain failure etc..

mixed kid because of recent blog website optimization work, out of some of their own website, and then there are some problems, one of the more obvious is the site of love Shanghai included reducing, the snapshot has not updated, using some methods, several websites have been restored to normal, and began to write a few articles today. Love is all about Shanghai website included reducing the solution, some of my own experience roughly to share, please master pointing.

address: when switching Links more refer to this website. B2B web site information release time or choose a life, usually a lot of management accounts, timely updates, lest expired, suddenly the chain failure. Pay attention to protect the account forum outside the chain, or delete account lost all character signature inside link.

today to write so much, we continue to the next. And recently found a problem, most of the blog friends are not open, refresh a few times to open or not open. Never find a way to know a friend with us next!!!

Two, the stability of web space

, a chain of

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