With the increasing popularity of

technology and the concept of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon competition has become increasingly fierce, "fight for thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers of Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization) bridge", and the search engine in order to prevent their recommended results manipulated by the Shanghai dragon ER, the new algorithm more frequent, want to quickly upgrade Shanghai Longfeng keywords ranking, obtain Everfount search engine traffic than the original so easy.

, SMO (optimized social marketing) is imperative, it can make the flow of information in a variety of social media platforms seamlessly, caused the attention of the user, discussion, participation, the final form of word of mouth, let us tell you".

ER, a Shanghai dragon blankly in the know to ask: "SMO would be more effective than the Shanghai dragon will


with the development trend of search engine further commercialization, Shanghai.


SMO will be more effective than did Shanghai Dragon (network picture)

Shanghai dragon and SMO two is: whether Shanghai dragon, or SMO, is a way of marketing, must be based on the unique quality content (special service) to create the basis; and two belong to the use of social information platform to promote their own well-known website content (or service) must be in the way of marketing, to meet user demand for the highest goal based on the proper use of some methods and skills of marketing, effective dissemination of information, can achieve the promotion effect.

today is spread over the era of information explosion, the main features of the network information dissemination is fragmented, instantaneous, low degree of attention to the audience. In this case, if the information is not consciously optimization, strengthening their information content, effectively remove the noise propagation, cannot cause information audience attention, its dissemination value will be greatly reduced.


SMO (Social media optimization social media optimization) is the use of Internet social media, online communities and community website public communication channels, through a set of effective methods (add RSS subscriptions, "Digg This" to the top of micro-blog, blog writing, writing and using non cooperative form third party community function content share, such as YouTube video sharing), and ultimately the formation of effective communication, a marketing strategy to achieve their marketing (method). SMO is a new form of network marketing, it is the most ideal effect of viral transmission.

SMO and the Shanghai dragon but there are also some differences, Shanghai dragon depends more on the search engine, because the mainstream search engine in the world today’s network dominant position, Shanghai dragon looks, easier — as long as the Shanghai Dragon Well, will easily get more effective flow, far higher than the SMO import traffic general website.

In this case

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