chain to explain to the customer, the chain for the website to improve the weight, increase the risk exposure site, improve the visibility of the company’s Web site, in the chain as far as possible to show the benefits to reassure customers the support chain. You can also recommend other promotion, marketing, promotion of soft news, is selected by the user, we have to do is to provide diversification optimization.

The construction of the external links

analysis did not in place to optimize the customer site, list the more detailed the better, this is a professional Shanghai Dragon technology opportunities, of course, to be realistic, not for the sake of fabricating performance optimization project.

after the plan must be strictly in accordance with the implementation of the time to do what to what effect, need periodic summary, ensure the overall implementation of the program in place, finally, don’t forget the effective time.

analysis of rival

competition is defined in the target keywords ranking the previous page to three pages of the website, data analysis can understand the difficulty of the optimization, reasonable optimization strategy, competitor data and customer data gap can also show to customers, allow customers to understand the necessity and importance of Shanghai dragon phoenix.

site structure optimization

response time

whether new or old station to conduct a comprehensive physical examination before optimization, including PR value, quantity, snapshots, love Shanghai inbound links, Yahoo chain, Alexa ranking, keyword ranking current. These data should have a backup, or screenshot form, can compare the optimization results at the end of the optimization process and optimization.

The purpose of the construction of the

website data

The current

time is very important, with previous experience and the project of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge analysis, to allow for the unexpected, giving customers a conservative time for buffer opportunities as much as possible for the optimization work, because there is no guarantee ranking must have to go.

in Shanghai dragon service process, will draw up a detailed optimization scheme for customers in the optimization scheme at the same time provide a reference to the customer but also show the strength of the company, but also provide systematic guidance of Shanghai Longfeng work, so the optimization program of a comprehensive work is the beginning of Shanghai dragon the. Get the optimization project to conduct analysis, optimization analysis is the entity, provide accurate reference for customers to see what problems need to be analyzed and displayed for customers.

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