four, domain name query: this method seems more reliable, and strong reliability. To determine if the site is down right, as long as the input wushuang520, Baidu check can be, if in.

. Site is no longer the first Wu Li that is no longer suitable for judging station simply drop the right or down right home. Need to set other unified judgment.

two: the old Shanghai dragon, snapshot abnormal experience, such as snapshot snapshot backwards, the abnormal situation is one of the main reaction right down, up to now, and site is no longer the first snapshot often back together, but now seems to have begun to snapshot abnormalities cannot be used as the only standard for judging right down, many websites from time to time there will be such as to stop, reverse, or even disappear phenomenon, but certainly it is worth, the more new snapshot, indicating the site situation is good.

site is K site is down right are the two main means Baidu punishment on the website, but so far, it seems to drop right has become one of the major methods Baidu site, according to Wu Li, according to his own experience, found in the previous 6.27 love Shanghai last year, the website home page is K, or trichotillomania is the main method of dealing with the violation of the algorithm, but since the algorithm update now, compared to the K, seems to have become the mainstream way down the right punishment Baidu, there are stations or the operation of the station can see the friends that clue, this paper mainly talk about the comparison with several methods to determine the site whether right down.

three, ranking drop: ranking drop down right judgment is credible, especially the home page ranking drop can often be initially identified as down the right, of course, after be right down, certainly the first time will find a lower ranking, but now this is the case, that is "incomplete right down". It is not clear the weight of treatment, but lower part, this situation will lead to the site keywords reduced to some extent while not completely disappear.


, site is no longer the first: the site is no longer the first is a judgment method before the ‘Shanghai Dragon’, until now still applies, but through the observation of this period of time, site is no longer the first method seems to have not as simple to judge right down, recently observed a number of sites, including medical, portal and some enterprise stand, one day, site is no longer the first, but after a period of time after the return to normal, but the time is short, short days, as long as one to two weeks, and when the site is no longer the first one, page ranking drop, but the column page and the article page ranking remains.

believes that there are friends to start asking questions, but right down ranking disappeared, cleared treatment on the weights of the website, to determine whether the right down, check ranking is not on the line it. In fact, observe whether the right down the most fundamental is to see whether there are rankings, but this method has to compare several drop right judgment.


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