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this time a tangled problem arises, when we are not afraid of Wikipedia’s "bad influence", while actively writing, through Wikipedia is really flattered, so many novice quite depressed, so today the small Su writing process and share their writing skills, hope can effectively to help you.

on adding links in I will not say more, as we all know, but I don’t suggest you when first submitted as part of the link, do so through the possibility of too low. Little Su recommend after a week to submit entries to do the second edition, this time must take Wikipedia content doubled, and in reference to add their own relevant website pages or web site is the main station, and several other related links as far as possible, this would dilute their propaganda.

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when adding links as much as we can in the same time, we also write entries >

How to add links to

said before is written before the webmaster friends should be familiar with the problem, then that is in you in the process of writing is concerned about the problem:


pays attention to the cultivation of love Shanghai account. The editor has always had a special affection for high level users, if your writing does not, the website weight is very low, but your account level is high, so do not rule out the possibility of success writing. So the high level account for us is a astepping-stone to success, for the encyclopedia written very helpful. So when there is no writing tasks, we can do some editing entries with the account obligations, not only makes a contribution, but also save points, to love Shanghai left a good impression, Why not?? so it is very important to cultivate the account.

First, we should pay attention to the

in the preparation of the money we should prepare for the Encyclopedia:

encyclopedia written rules, familiar with the rules so that we can do more work, for example in the article can not have advertising components, some dead links can not exist, we should all remember, because even if you express again strong writing ability, once hit power lines, it is also a death.

saw an article yesterday, but forgot the title, the content is very novel, tells the author advise webmaster friends not too superstitious to write love Shanghai encyclopedia, Wikipedia immediately established the new after that, for the development of the site and adverse. The reason is very simple, that is in love with the sea to take care of their own products, Wikipedia will always override your ranking on the master. There is some truth in the saying of the friend, but as a webmaster, successfully submitted encyclopedia is definitely outweigh the disadvantages, first will increase the weight of the website in a certain extent, secondly for professional website and the degree of trust also has certain auxiliary function, so write love Shanghai Encyclopedia for the website is very important.

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