if your website ranking is very good, others send you the chain, but if your site click rate is high, although others send you the garbage outside the chain, actually this kind of love Shanghai is not stupid, because love in Shanghai is largely able to identify. We can use this form of robots is the path of shielding.

love Shanghai has declared a notice (I generally report, not words): I can’t calculate a weight you outside of the chain, but I don’t want any of you right down. Although this argument is very good, but we often find that we refused to mass outside the chain, our website ranking began to fall, here need to remind you that if your site’s ranking, there are a lot of garbage outside the chain, then you need to put it off mass. If you have words, and there is a ranking, you need to see what the garbage chain are included, not included we can directly rejected, included in accordance with the proportion of 20% healthy or 5% of this proportion refused, and appropriate to do some outside the chain of quality of substitute, so to avoid rejection caused by right down the chain.

, a chain of whether there is the value and significance of

may have some of our friends tested, we will cancel all the chain, ranking up, and recently love Shanghai fight outside the chain is very strict, resulting in many of our friends do not dare to do outside the chain, for fear of being punished in the sea. So we still need to specific chain

two, the content and chain role relationship

when you go to a website, we are largely from the new beginning, so your site from the chain is the proportion of a certain relationship. We can see through the website construction in the importance of the content, we have often talked about the content is king, love Shanghai now support the original article, so pay special attention to the quality of the content, and this year the assessment period longer than last year, the assessment period is to prevent waste, and we have early is that content is king. But we want to know how much time is the assessment period, the answer is this is completely normal in according to whether you do optimization, as well as the different keywords, his assessment and optimization is not the same.

love Shanghai against what, what is more important; love Shanghai to fight outside the chain, show the importance of the chain.


thank you for always support rattan design, today and share a we all feel tangled topic, the content of the website and the chain which is important? Which is more conducive to the website ranking? The chain occupies a weight voting site, and it is a fundamental website, that we should be how to use? How are we going to merge the chain and chain, two directions to form a combination of points.

we can often see, only 2 weeks of the website can easily be put out, one month after the site.

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