A5 (www.admin5贵族宝贝) station network July 10th news, this day Webmaster Platform announced that Shanghai will intensify efforts to punish cheating news sites.

in the near future to the news source to the cleaning process, we found that a large number of news sites (not limited to the news source site) in addition to publishing the news article, what is more is made of low quality junk "fraudulent traffic way to deceive search engines. This not only affects the news source of clean, and interference of web search results, hurt the search user experience.

love in this regard, Shanghai will continue to increase efforts to clean up the news source — will involve cheating site kick news source, at the same time a special blow for this behavior: a preliminary screening of low quality junk pages, if found again bad site using the means of cheating, will reduce the site evaluation, directly affect the collection and sorting. Again to remind the webmaster, the content has been cleaned as soon as possible to cheat, do not have luck.

and the content is often collected by generation, part of the page with more harsh tactics, at the same time to deceive users and search engines. The following two cases: URL, the first figure is web search engine to see, second web users see the content.

at the same time we also advise by this means the benefit of third party sites: please use improper means to obtain the traffic, so as not to be reduced search engine evaluation.

for example, the idea of the contents of a news station, are all independent, and with a strong commercial nature of the site theme content:

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