we need to realize that to build more traffic entrance awareness, and a sense of consciousness is the most important entrance to create the column page. In fact, if you build a good column page is not less than a page flow, but we give this to ignore. First we should put this question to the attention, after the start we have this consciousness and then a second step, the second step is relatively simple, it is the title keyword layout, Title Keyword layout according to the actual situation of the layout, can also according to your efforts layout number. The third step is difficult, that is according to a >

do not know if you have not see the traffic statistics daily habit, change data observation site is every day I must see the current site of the data for me is also quite satisfactory. Just recently noticed a data makes me very unhappy, that is the entrance page. Entrance page I just stay in the website home page, the home page for entrance 80%. This makes me feel that this is a very unhealthy website, of course, the current site had a new period. At present, to the long tail of the layout is not enough, but this is every webmaster needs some, in fact, do the long tail word everybody is also very clear, it goes without saying, but I want to talk about today is the one we neglect an important place, that is the column page keywords and page layout layout.

The first step of

page which is not your own column basically no what flow in, and the column is a most important place, away from home is near, the higher the weight of. But why not ranking, the author summed up the three points: first, the majority of owners do not pay attention to this, simply do not think column ranking, the second is the column page title and no layout keywords, generally get what product center, news like this, it’s not even your layout keywords, users not in the search engine to search what product center, product Daquan, news center, industry news, this kind of words. It will also tell you what search no relationship, no final ranking is due to page layout. Like some products center on several pictures with a few words, it is very difficult in the search engine rankings, or a list of news, news and the content of the list is not flowing, so want to have fixed column page ranking is very difficult.

the three points we have based on the column page ranking based on these three points, the most important point is the majority of owners are not aware of the column page should have a ranking problem, so the two will appear behind. How to create a site entrance flow should not give up is the most part of the entrance, if you go to the observation that the large website will see a situation. They are home to the column page optimization, people column page title keywords layout is extremely exquisite, people of the column page than the general layout of the station is big business, okay, if you do not see ordinary people would think URL is a web page? So we want in the layout website pages have ranked the three steps.

We look at the entrance of their

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