3. build second wheel auxiliary stations or released a second round of soft, through some black hat means cheating or crazy optimization (preferably not black hat optimization in the station). Through the pseudo original, mass chain, cross chain, hanging black chain and show lower limit by means of rapid weight gain higher. And through to the first round of import export link weight of the auxiliary site.


"safety island" is a set of theory, first used in geography, geology, refers to the special area in the earthquake affected areas, No. After the extension, the "safety island" is used in many fields, the most typical is used in traffic management, namely the establishment of a yellow area in the middle as a crosswalk, pedestrians crossing the road when the buffer zone. Therefore, the island is actually a kind of communication in the suspension theory, that is through the human or natural facilities, to spread some form of being able to buffer, buffer after can make the risk very.

has been advocating black hat Cai Cai Shanghai Dragon technology, but have still will pay attention to the black hat Shanghai dragon technology. In fact, the black hat Shanghai Dragon technology is not absolutely not desirable, there are many places you can learn. From the recently recorded network learned have so called "safety island", after repeated thinking and demonstration, developed a very special black hat Shanghai Dragon technology, for everyone to share.

Of course, if you want to ensure the safety of

2. to establish the website or publish a number of these sites and soft soft, and websites must maintain a high degree of correlation, and the natural appearance of the guidance Station outbound links. If the secondary site and need optimization through the white hat Shanghai Dragon technology, obtain the basic weight. At the same time the use of "pseudo white hat" technology, after obtaining the weights based on the website, brush weight simple, fast increase the weight of the website (don’t play too much).

, or need a certain strategy. Through clever design, let all become.

will be the "safety island" technology used in Shanghai Longfeng, Cai Cai recorded network for the first time to see the wind. Is the website that the construction of some island, such as the use of soft or auxiliary site guide weight as a master, and then through the optimization of the soft and auxiliary sites, to enhance the master weight and ranking. The benefits of doing so is that even if we have no awareness of the phenomenon of cheating in operation, or change the risk of love Shanghai algorithm, can be buffered by island, to ensure the safety of master station.

black hat Shanghai dragon the idea of using safety island Technology:


what is the "safety island" technology:

A group of auxiliary


1. the establishment of a master station, for the white hat optimization technique, during operation without any possible cheating, the chain structure of the site, original content and high quality of the chain of friends reasonable as the primary means to obtain basic weight.

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