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"value, is to meet user needs, attention, enhance the flow of security. "The value factors generally include: access experience, scarcity, timeliness.

repetitive content, will bring the user to read the contents of a sense of fatigue, the scarcity value. The Qing Dynasty works than modern works. Why? Because of the scarcity of. The reason why works even more valuable than the Qing Dynasty? Because is more valuable. Everyone know this truth, in any industry sense. No one else, you have; some others, you better; this can show your value, you seem very niubi.


time is reflected in two aspects. The public topic, a high degree of concern, the search volume. For example: the real drug, Ke Liu Xiang married etc.. In the event the heat will slowly fall. For example: " "The Legend Of White Snake" again, " " ", ice bucket challenge. The above two points, we can see the figure through the search engine to provide the love Shanghai love Shanghai index see the signs,:


website to around " " timeliness; flow, must be able to find the topic, the ability to timely treatment of the topic, which requires in-depth understanding of the situation to the person in charge. In addition, to track and report, find the value, use value.

second, the scarcity of

third, the timeliness of

has a good experience, generally attributed to three:

poor user experience is what causes it? Page open speed is slow, the extensive use of FLASH, the navigation information is not clear, too old, dead links, poor visual effects, the pop-up and so on, are the reasons of the poor user experience.

, the first visit to experience

site access speed, web page layout: the objective factors continue to determine whether the user access to the web.

the relevant information: to attract users to access web pages, adding small details PV.

interactive: lack of interactive web site is a dead station.

finally, the words of Feng Dongyang said: " not too, a method used in the extreme, it is cattle 13! Every day the light dry cargo does not perform is not acceptable. " we encourage each other!

in addition, we should make the best use of scarce content. The scarcity of content released to the related website and larger flow on their web site at the bottom of the content and links of drainage and publicity.

(/ O he, from a new QQ space: 贵族宝贝654703209.qzone.qq贵族宝贝, please keep the

content: good content, will let users of web pages, increase user viscosity, become loyal visitors.

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