most of the time, Shanghai dragon always give a person should feel feel stuffy, boring, not by the words themselves should also be less reminiscent of "house" type, and lack of communication. In fact, the Internet people have their own world, perhaps face-to-face communication will be very few, but absolutely can’t stop us through online communication, WeChat, QQ group, as long as we think, online will have different ways for our entertainment party, party. As the saying goes, the three heads are better than one Zhu Geliang, when our hearts when in doubt, one fumble, and when a group of people together to discuss, will definitely have different answers for your reference, you need to have a look back, in fact, the problem is so simple. Most of the time, their problems were solved, and even this is no problem, but in all period we will derive new discussion, the new model, then we together to break a different problem, continue to improve. The Internet is the myriads of changes, yesterday and today, tomorrow is always changing, and we have been in progress. Similarly, soft writing can also start from the story of the party.

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when you have ideas, have the material time, must write down, and don’t wait, empty talk, hard work and prosperous "similarly, think more than a finger, soft paper must be accumulated, think too much useless, but also to write, so to accumulate experience. The text ideas need to accumulate, would not equal to will.

learning is a very happy thing, go other way, learning from the experience of others is a shortcut to rapid growth. Of course, this one also must know how to tell you, and not all others are correct, can be taken by the. I would say, because they will form a habit, every day will go to the forum, blog, stationmaster net, to see the others, thinking about the contents of the article, or even copy copy to it, to sum up, others will be ours. Regardless of the operation results, then the process from the operation will be transformed into their own experiences or even wise remark of an experienced person. If you want to write text, so this is a good story, his personal experience of the article will certainly better than to write more space and imagination.

Use your hands together

is very important to communicate with others

I have a headache to the writing, want to write their own articles, but did not feel what to write, especially when the pen. One of the most headaches for many webmaster, I think this is still struggling until the Shanghai dragon encountered by beginners. However, it is necessary to go through to become a real dragon in Shanghai soft, even to become strong. How to enhance the soft writing ability has become a problem, we also want to wait to break the storm.

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