recently we love Shanghai when searching some products or articles, you can see some of the WeChat ranking is also good, such as "WeChat marketing" when everyone in the search of the keywords WeChat, many articles ranked in the first second love Shanghai home position. Figure:


jobs?Love Shanghai

platform to cancel a large number of certified public number, the need for re certification account where the intention to send a micro-blog plus V

from the above we can see that the WeChat marketing index in more than 900 about 1 thousand. The search for other products, the WeChat article ranking basic or rarely found. I believe that love is China, Shanghai’s largest search engine, has many years engaged in the search experience, considering the problems will not be like our individual owners did not mind, will give considerable weight to your website, like the same weight. Because after all, WeChat can not completely solve the needs of users, the user experience of the above will represent only a portion of the weight, also can only occupy a part of the search engine weight, so the majority of owners do not have to worry too much.


WeChat in Shanghai ranked the love is behoove because of WeChat’s content, similar to micro-blog, is the latest most users, and is now a rising rate of up to the platform. So there is no reason not to love Shanghai included it, instead of WeChat to love Shanghai more weight. As previously included in micro-blog’s content, love Shanghai slowly also included WeChat content.

What means the reform trend of

I guess, developers for the development of the WeChat platform may not be considered in the beginning, due to flooding later WeChat platform public number, there are a lot of useless account for a number of people, etc.. So, the reform is also behoove later.

two, love Shanghai will give WeChat platform high weight

, love why Shanghai included the WeChat platform

1. also, many owners worry about one thing, the weight of love whether Shanghai will give WeChat platform is very high, it ranks Shanghai to occupy all the light, with our webmaster


as you can see, in the words of love Shanghai WeChat search marketing, WeChat has a lot of articles were ranked in love Shanghai second, third, fifth position, the WeChat also caused a lot of stationmaster panic in Shanghai love in the rankings. Is the webmaster recently to discuss a topic is hot, many webmaster for WeChat in Shanghai ranked love expressed their views, the author for the storm said his views.


three, WeChat

2. index, first look at the WeChat marketing figure:

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