well, begin to cut the crap. A lot of Shanghai dragon er head referred to one of the most simple taboo: don’t change the website title free! Although a lot of people know this taboo, but must ensure that they will leap, because if the title of the site is not reasonable or how to do, we modify the customer requirements? A modified Title may be smaller for the old station hurt, because the weight of the old station after all there on. The new station is not the same, not what a flow, what two not included, even is not the latest snapshot, so toss it may even have no home. I at the beginning of March on the line to a new station, encountered these problems, I talk about their experiences.

but it is also on this day, I found the site of the long tail keywords is not reasonable, I want to change a relationship is not what, first modify the title, and after a long wait. In the waiting time, in every day I on the site for maintenance, update the article every day three to five, are pseudo original. During this period, the nobility is included baby healthy growth, my website article was more than 100, included has reached close to six hundred, tag is a good ah. At this time, a friend suggested that I do Shanghai dragon, said long tail keywords me is really worthy of the name, really a bit long, is not conducive to Shanghai dragon. No way to change it again. >

had been in line to see the others write Shanghai dragon tutorial or experience, but will also learn the practice on my site, but it had little effect, I do not know the investment of time is not enough, or see online tutorials are only superficial, because there are many Shanghai Longfeng fee classes exist, is only in essence there speak? If you understand the best to me to leave a message, not very grateful.

website online time is March 2nd, after the line on the normal steps I made outside the chain spider, good luck, site: web site, the morning of the second day love Shanghai Google can see the home page, but do not know what the reason, one day after the snapshot time to love Shanghai in December 28th, and after 20 days no change, I estimate is upload page of time, that is when the record has been through (a department to despise what, so no domain name). Google began to release the inside pages only one or two days, love Shanghai until the 20 number is the first release included, and finally the snapshot update, updated to March 14th, the number 37 is included. The online love Shanghai assessment period longer, possibly up to three months, I did not expect the website so soon put out, but also with my hard to update a relationship, in anxi.

the author is not a professional Internet practitioners, also do not rely on the network for dinner, my station is just a hobby, but I will spare time most to them. Although it has done some stand, but in the station, I feel just a newbie, but seems to have been a novice, so I can only talk about their own experience as a novice, veteran please bypass.

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