for each site, are from the new start, no matter how successful it is now. So when we start from the site should be very clear to consider our site of the Shanghai dragon strategy, the only way to make the site from the beginning to get the favour of search engine, so naturally there is better than other new weight. The following specific introduces new and we have good weight from the beginning of the strategy, hope to help you master

there is a time to write the title to the site, many of my friends asked me how the symbol is counted? Love Shanghai more refine what keyword delimiter? In fact, after the author’s practice, it does not matter, often is the webmaster of personal taste, so we don’t go with these problems.

(two) good old domain name is very important.

(a) good server is the key.

(three) according to the ability to make a keyword.


decided the direction of our website, we need keywords according to their ability to customize our site, especially the novice webmaster, do not choose keywords overheating, because the competition is too big, the top is generally better weight of the old station, we want to fight for is difficult. So they can choose the second, three line to promote the optimization of the word. For example, the website main keywords to choose the name of the game, other words are some second words, words with words is used to raise the weight, weight when I’m good, big words naturally follow it up.

for the domain name of this piece is generally speaking, the older the better, because the search engine is in favor of these old names, of course the author refers to the old domain is serious with domain name, the search engine blacklist domain do not. Why the old domain is good, a lot of friends will want to ask. In fact, in this case, I will not say why, but the practice tells us that the old site easier for search engines, and included are far better than the new domain name, and when we do Links, others are more willing to exchange with you.

(four) new website first to fill content in line.


for a web site, security server is undoubtedly the most basic, but also the most critical. So from the access speed, stability and safety of the case, the author recommend the use of domestic servers, even if the record is difficult, we also try to record, after all, every webmaster do stand in the hope that their experience of the development of the web site for a long time, so don’t be afraid of trouble. And relatively speaking, the domestic server problems when IDC is relatively easier to solve. So everyone must buy a good server for your site, not cheap to buy some unstable server, so you will be the only one regret.

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