Why is the baby

3. baby Title

if a baby is not similar products, it is not the user wants to products. For example, users search for walnut, if your baby is not dried under the category, then Taobao will be judged as search terms with no correlation. Here to teach you a quick find the corresponding products related to

this is what everyone knows. Taobao baby is generally the distance under the frame of the more recent time, the higher the weight, the higher ranking. So we in the next frame baby must first survey clear industry flow mostly concentrated in what time. (now Taobao products are seven day update Oh, general frame before the next one hour, the ranking of the best. Please arrange a good time Oh, in addition to the Taobao search results is updated every fifteen minutes during the day, night is updated every thirty minutes.

: relevance judgments baby.

2. properties to be related.

The first step of

Taobao as the representative of the electricity supplier industry platform, every day there are countless people join them. In this platform, there are complaints with laughter, but no matter what kind of mentality, are most concerned about the flow of the shop, shop ranking. Taobao ranked this free access to accurate flow channel is undoubtedly the focus of the discussion. Many people said, know the taste, is unintelligible.

this is very easy to understand, as we often say about the title of the party. If I want to find Zhang San, but your name Li four, then you will certainly not in my inquiry list.

the second step: the nearest Taobao update time


?Whether the )In addition to


also recently started his own small shop, first to analyze together about Taobao ranking and everyone.

customers now have not limited to only search for a large category, a lot of people will search the long tail word more accurate, such as some customers search: the Korean version of slim long dresses, this case attributes in your baby should appear: Style: Han, length: in the long version: Cultivation attribute.

correlation column in the first step? Because the correlation of indicators to determine whether your baby is eligible to participate in the rankings. Taobao in the calculation of a baby when ranking the first thing is to look at the baby with the user search related. If the user search: a mobile phone, you sell women’s clothing is in any case will not get "ranking of the word mobile phone". So Taobao is how to determine whether our baby related


1. related categories.

, on the shelf as time window, seven days no reason for a refund, shipping insurance, fake a compensable three service are also.

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