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yesterday some friends asked me to tell you Hou members from which aspects to determine the heat and the degree of competition is a key? It said last night to write this article, because last night, Chongwenmen new world love Shanghai employee shopping activities, I go to the home so late until now write, don’t blame


! competition? is the number of bidding

search term heat, love Shanghai index. This not love Shanghai index, refers to the word search volume estimates of the day. But this number is very accurate, so we only can be used as a reference, do not fall in love with. I do not have to say, we all know that the higher the index word competition degree and the higher the heat. And vice versa. If the first search results related to number and love Shanghai index combination, in judging the degree of competition and the heat of the keywords is relatively accurate than

from which a few key words to judge a heat or

: first, we use the intitle command, contain the keywords of sites in the back in the title, select 5 to 20 more powerful competitors, and carry on the detailed analysis on the web. We are mainly collected from the web site, external links, website structure, page layout etc. several keywords to subjective judgment, want to have good rankings, then from all aspects to go beyond the competition, we need to work harder. Another is the intitle command returns the node.

search related words, appears in the lower right corner of a related result, this value is the search engine via a search related words, all relevant pages, after the return of the calculated data in the database. Can also be considered to be the key competition page. The less general numerical represents the degree of competition is smaller, and the greater the degree of competition. But this is not inevitable, because this is just a parameter for all judgment keywords.


two, Shanghai


, a number of related search results

in the industry should be clear, only the commercial value of the enterprise will do ppc. If any one word do PPC, I believe that unless Shanghai love itself, any web site to do so will go bankrupt. All those who do the bidding of certain words are of commercial value, and the industry of Shanghai Longfeng analysis and determination of workers. So we need to look at the number of the bidding keywords, needless to say this of course is for the greater the number of more and more refined. Of course, now the search engine home page on the left side of the bid is a fixed number of. So we look at the left for position is full at the same time at home on the right side of advertising position, some on the right side, turn over several pages and advertising business. This shows that the term heat is relatively large, and very commercial value. Otherwise, there will be so many businesses do PPC in the word

! index of loveAnother parameter

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