Google AdSense ad review center after a period of testing, April 24th released to all users, this is a webmaster Google AdSense provides a publisher management tool, through which publishers can view and manage the positioning advertising site in their own advertisers.

how to enable Google AdSense ad view center

Google AdSense ad review center is not directly in the background display, publishers can log on to the Google AdSense background, open the AdSense settings page, select the competitive advertising filter in competitive advertising management interface is enabled to view ads filter center link.

when you enable the ad to view the center, in the AdSense settings in the link will appear in an option – advertising view center, click on it to view and manage.

advertising view center can view all the site in your site to put the site advertising advertisers, but the site is what?

site positioning advertising

in the Google AdWords network has 2 options: one is to show that keyword positioning, advertising through keyword matching; two is the site location, i.e. advertisers directly select the advertising site domain name, it will only display advertising in these domain.

site positioning is not all show paid advertising (CPM), most publishers will think that the site is the location of the display advertising. So when the publisher in the background to see a large group of site positioning advertisers did not see the display advertising is very confused. In fact, the site is now positioned to be able to click on the ads, and keyword positioning, in determining the target site set click paid advertising.

advertiser management

site positioning advertisers are not all high quality advertisers, so you can view the Ad Center to stop those you do not like or competitive advertisers. Site location ads are automatically allowed, but you can stop by clicking on the changes in the list of advertisers to follow your requirements.

point positioning is not necessarily the advertising master very advertisers love your site or have a special attention to the publisher site, they may be of a certain site unified site positioning through the background AdWords launch, so it is the site location advertising is not necessarily xiangbobo, love can not shield it.

advertisers can not find

also mentioned the big publishers such as China Mobile and moto in the list, but they found no ads on the site, especially the media advertisement. Usually there are 2 reasons, one is the specification problem, if the advertiser released the advertising size on your site is not so can not display, this >

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