we need to understand what search engines rely on to get customers, either by machine or artificial intelligence to achieve web search engine ranking; their purpose is to provide the best search results for information search, if some pages show him to search can not solve the problem of search, then the search engine there is no value for the search for. This is a search engine does not want, also is the love of Shanghai and the 360 search engines wholeheartedly want to solve problems; from this point of view we think about how to optimize the Shanghai dragon; you will find where you stand higher, time to make some optimization decisions will be more at ease.

finally, Shenzhen high was that Shanghai dragon in the optimization of network search engine experience we learn to understand, what is their purpose. If we can help them to achieve this purpose, then the search engine will give us more traffic, also reached the purpose of optimization of Shanghai dragon.

search engine from the point of view, you will find yourself more effective, also need not worry too much about their rankings do not, you will be very confident. Because you are starting from the customer’s point of view, so as long as the product search engine will give you the ranking row up. A relatively simple example for everyone love movies, and Movie Heaven website very typical. The optimization is not doing very hard, but the content of the website is the Movie Heaven class; his most important resources, have a professional team responsible for foreign film subtitling translation production seed work; upload the movie also belongs to the most new, quality is the most high-end. So there are a lot of search people want to see the new film will go to heaven to the movie resources. This is a very good case in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we want to achieve this result.


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search engine’s purpose is very simple, is to make use of it to be able to find what they want. Only love Shanghai you can know, can not find the pet phrase Baidu. If we want to make money through the search engine, we should consider the problem from the perspective of a search engine, you will do better in Shanghai Longfeng optimization.


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is the network company, the network popularization personnel or personal webmaster want your site to have a very good ranking in the search engine. So why should we give the search engine ranking website. Shenzhen: that should be understood once the network search engine optimization in Shanghai dragon.

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