error 1, love Shanghai snapshot will influence ranking

When the

love Shanghai love Shanghai "on the snapshot problem of several" mentioned in the Baiduspider will be based on its website content update frequency to constantly check whether the new web page, which is usually the case, Baiduspider will grab the frequency of new content and website speed. So long as the stable frequency update web content, have certain differences and text page in front of backup love Shanghai to save the snapshot will be updated, as updated or not, and your web page to update the contents of the importance and timeliness of a great relationship, the relationship is not much and the website ranking and weighting.

Shanghai is not open to love the snapshot of a search results page, or the page open speed is very slow, a more rapid love Shanghai access links page, this link is love Shanghai crawl and included the search results page in the database are stored in a text backup page. While not updating the snapshot update actually focuses on search engines have to crawl the page, there is no update on pure text backup page.

A lot of friends seem to be linked to the

exchange Links, many friends are very concerned about each other’s Links, because we all feel that love Shanghai not updated snapshot, the search engine is not included in this link, it can not produce the weight should have passed, "

rankings for the understanding of love Shanghai probably snapshots and websites, such as the Shanghai Dragon View friends website, will first look at his new snapshot is not new; when the exchange Links, behind more than a week of site exchange; there are a lot of love Shanghai because the reference snapshot update brings the tragedy and jokes, here is not introduced one by one. In fact, if you define love Shanghai snapshot of understanding will not appear on this understanding.

website ranking is related to many factors, good rankings need good website content, the content should be of value to the users, and requires enough links to support, this includes inside links and external links. Love is just a snapshot of Shanghai during the middle of the search engine crawl in the sorting process, and not to affect website ranking.

error 2: love Shanghai not updated snapshot, Links has no effect

For the love of Shanghai

snapshot, many of our webmaster are very concerned, because when there are many friends suggested that check the weight of a site as a reference, in fact, this is not the correct understanding, if the Shanghai dragon understanding on friends or concerned about the recent love Shanghai station the platform released "on the Shanghai issue that some snapshots of love", will probably know love Shanghai more clear and accurate snapshot. Today we use the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform instructions finishing for all common love for some Shanghai snapshot misunderstanding, hope to help you understand more accurate love Shanghai.

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