what inferiority, efforts will not necessarily return, but not necessarily to do not return, Shanghai dragon is also true, although sometimes you work very hard, but always do not go up ranking. This is not all our own responsibility, personal ability and experience is limited, the pay is low because the skills are not as good as others, will only send the chain is certainly not enough, only by constantly learning the only way to strive for progress with determination. Of course, we can not only see the Shanghai dragon, to take the long view in this industry, there are many worthy of our study and practice, some people really very successful Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon road is so narrow, but sometimes we thought narrow.

Hello, I am a rock. Shanghai Longfeng occupation engaged in more than two years, the time is not long, nor too short, as the saying goes: "dry line, love line, since the choice of the occupation in Shanghai Longfeng will farther down this road, I think a lot of peers are also beginning to think so, but now Shanghai Longfeng this road may make you feel too narrow, love Shanghai optimization is also more difficult to do than before. So many Shanghai dragon people’s mentality is not firm, because many peers are feeling the future no matter what the future, indecisive attitude certainly a is to do good things, colleagues have gone, in fact it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, but I just want to remind those who intend to switch to a friend, can think again, do not blindly go to change an industry, the mind is not firm, not try to enhance their own, I think is difficult to do a good job in any industry, work is a simple repetition, basically are dull as ditch water. As one Shanghai dragon you have to learn to love this industry, which brings about the sour, sweet, bitter, hot enjoy.

when someone asked about your occupation and salary, how do you answer? I know many ordinary Shanghai Longfeng practitioners of the wages are not high, in the second and three line of the city is relatively poor, as the Commissioner of the chain we often think the 50 Fen party all day, copy and paste. So many people have some Xu Shanghai Longfeng inferiority, let alone what pride, although most people are Shanghai dragon in this industry, but I know a lot of people hate the boring occupation, also seems to be no future in the industry. It was her only, if you can find a copy of your love of the occupation, then certainly do things that are more passionate, but then again, Shanghai dragon is indeed very limited, Shanghai dragon in the company, particularly the chain Commissioner, so you will soon feel the bottleneck the. Ask yourself, do you always do this copy and paste work, so I can only say that he is not enterprising, never thought of how to change their life without the perseverance to improve themselves, the status quo is our biggest obstacle.

In fact, we can not

as the Shanghai dragon, to learn to love this industry, fun and passion from the boring work, some people say that this is really very difficult, it is because you do not have to research.

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