is hard to say!

2, the Internet is the promotion of a group of so-called gray or black, and the industry people get out of order, is said to have at least 60% garbage. Because of the huge power to send a large number of recommended links of the chain, part of the group to use mass software, and the value of the information is not high, at least a lot of repetitive content.

4, many practitioners are now in the streets of Shanghai Longfeng thinking, because it is cornered. The search engine clearly tell you honestly do website may have good rankings, but the fact? Do not recommend content through the link weights, where to? How about the ranking? And also to prevent unscrupulous Shanghai dragon chain dog plagiarism! Where is the root of this vicious circle of the search engine for the original judgment mechanism? The need to update these need to wait?……

published about Shanghai dragon consultants love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm narrating.

If the search engine in the

5, Shanghai dragon industry is the real need of precipitation, but this group of settling down whether can create value? Time to prove! My anticipation is really willing to share Shanghai Dragon Technology less dry cargo, because there is no good! And the Shanghai Long Fengpei training institutions will increase, but the Shanghai dragon the industry standard of

VIP ranked Shanghai dragon feeling too much confusion, suddenly appear and disappear, as for the details of which, did not dare to speculate, if you want to reply, and the air floated five words: it is not a thing…… Because this is a very special case, does not represent the mode.

1, or close the engine mechanism of a commonplace talk of an old scholar, search algorithm, so that the majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners did puzzled. Is the essence of the search engine doesn’t let you know, that is the black hat and a get out of hand by Shanghai dragon. In fact, this is the game between growers, planting technology and selection of the.

3, would rather kill ten thousand, can not miss a thought, it would be a tragedy. This essentially only shows that the search engine’s anti cheating mechanism loopholes. The judgment mechanism problems is not to find the problem from the root, but skip directly to a winner, this is too arbitrary.

algorithm is the original love Shanghai green air to purify the Internet, but the precision is not enough, by how much Shanghai Longfeng roots, so Shanghai Longfeng optimization became timid, so think of a friend saying: 2013 Shanghai dragon simply do keyword ranking will have an accident, the event will be…… Related articles: Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm thinking little about love.

The following !


6, many times I told, a lot of people know, Shanghai dragon can quickly get started, but can go for long-term practice in person! To tell you the truth, I only see the search outside the Shanghai dragon based tutorial began on the road, now also feel knowledge does too little, too therefore, to further study

The other concern

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