I will introduce JavaScript and CSS optimization relevant points of ?

JavaScript compression method with HTML compression and compression of CSS in the nature of the benefits is the same. The general approach is: 3 kinds of compression extra spaces and newlines; delete notes; replace the uniform variable name longer and process name for a short name.

) compression

, JavaScript (Minify JavaScript

is also uncertain, can be reduced to 25bytes files is JS itself or other documents, please indicate the one or two master why?………… >

speed not only affect the user experience, also affect the noble baby robot on the website of the crawling, thereby affecting the website; so the website speed for the importance of Shanghai dragon bukexiaoqu. Noble baby Page Speed is mainly used for detection and analysis of the page loading speed and elements, suggestions. Technical personnel which can be based on Page Speed points to amend and improve the quality of web site. For "the place needs to be improved, PageSpeed not only provides suggestions, or even directly to the final results of the optimization to provide.

Page speed from the noble baby, can download the plug-in installed in Firefox or Chrome. Plugins are generally English version, Firefox also has Chinese version, but the lack of detailed explanation. Here we compare the main detection items in English. Then according to the detailed study and interpretation as much as possible to provide technical instructions. Can also use another method, direct detection of websites with aristocratic nobility baby baby https://developers.贵族宝贝/speed/pagespeed/insights web performance testing tools need to optimize the details.

today, all the data are from falconhan.

compression tool also has a lot of, the previously mentioned YUI Compressor can perform.

noble baby /Gtmetrix a word cannot read, We recommend minifying any JS files that are or larger in size. 4096 bytes You should see a benefit for any file that can be reduced by 25 bytes or more. It is possible to 4K compressed JS file, the file is good can be reduced to 25 bytes or more. Guess the reason is the buffer capacity is 4K, if JS exceeds this size will not be placed in the cache in

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