: I love Shanghai had to make a difficult decision, because your article update, the original search index is good, love fresh things, not blowing, such as: Tang Shijun Adsense blog, or Lin Haoming network promotion blog is the best proof, because they are often in the weight ratio of relatively high site hair the chain.

?Why is

why the website must choose popular key word

why? search site keywords?

A: have you seen the title in full of the key word? Or are ranked in the first

Why is Why

why I included so little? Or not to

site keywords accumulation of

correction really annoying, poor Zhang Shengrong met, is not to love Shanghai what disadvantage of search engine, I love all day because the correction is to change the title for the IP service end, another reason is that a Shengrong network promotion blog on the edge the station, alas this year above check tight, and affect the business, business to do, really found, you give me three hours. Are suffering. The method is: to update and write original, believe the shameless snapshot will be back.


answer: each new site has such a process, unless you have a written connections. Write something original, multiple outside chain, that will give you a reasonable answer you.

why not

will not be difficult, hard not to. Other Shanghai dragon is just a tool that he brings to you is not a cash flow, do not think that the traffic flow is equal to the money? Should pass the conversion? Whether the value of these flows? Zhang Shengrong told you found in the A5 forum with 151 solutions to ten, close analysis of some methods of Zhang Shengrong:

answer: two possibilities, one may, if is new sites not say, old Adsense words, with original content? The external? May two, some server stable? Whether the edge station of IP

answer: there are two possibilities, one is not their own content, is the title of two repeat. The three is new. (refers to months)


seconds included?


website ranking up


website snapshot

? The weight of ?Answer:

answer: This is from the user angle, such as "Zhang Shengrong" and he is not a celebrity sure no one, if you do celebrities choose "Leslie Cheung" that is not the same people search. But you also love Shanghai index check, or Google trends. This is the best proof.

Why can

A: do hot there are two kinds of people, one behind the financial resources and the team do battle. The second is poor webmaster, because do not understand the key competitive.


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