first of all, we need to have the QQ group promotion conditions. You want to through the QQ group promotion, the essential nature is QQ group, using QQ group here and there are two ways, the following brief introduction:

e: a point is also mentioned, do not send advertising to a group, is not to mention you, is a blind estimation. To establish the prestige and the status in the group, let everyone know you, trust you, and we discuss more exchanges, and in some casual language by the advertising point, sometimes can receive unexpected consequences.

"on this site I, you must listen to me this song. Have their own QQ group, and promotion group than in the others more awesome promotion. That is to say, if the LORD sent a link that is good, recommend everyone to see, and if it is a small.

a:, a small number of low popularity group without! Do not want to seize the intention of customers, these people may be within the group, perhaps no management, meaning to us very little.

QQ group to join others

B: low activity group is best not to enter. These people are often in the group not to initiate discussions, little interaction, little communication, even if many of the number of groups, for our role is very small.

as a network marketing personnel, through the QQ group promotion, no sanwushige group, to see people feel shy. It’s just a joke, but that is also a lot of, to add group, will promote the unlimited expansion of the scope, it should be noted here is not just the add group, but to have the purpose of targeted add group, so in the expansion of the customer base at the same time, also chose the precision of the customer. So when we want to add the group how to choose suitable QQ group? Here I also summed up the 5 points for reference:

2, set up their own QQ group

C: general good group is to be verified, must be targeted and creative in the verification, so you can easily enter the group to carry out promotion.

D: if you go into the group, it will start the promotion, but don’t put on advertising, will be obedient in the domain of others. "The pressure but snakes ah, timely modify name card, timely speech, timely appear in front of you is a powerful promotion condition.

well, in a few days ago, the author of the article "QQ" in the promotion of space thought, has made clear the use of QQ space to promote a general idea, the popularity of QQ, here is not introduced, said a staff number estimation is also slightly less than, by this broad group so, my first step is to promote the QQ group to start, in the test a few days later, also summed up a little experience here and to explore together the next.


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