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first, the position of density of Web site keywords and keywords. The line on the website after the corn selection, site structure and good user experience in the line before the operation we no longer talk, after doing the basic situation, we at this stage, the ranking not necessarily weight not to go, and I remind you check the location and density of keywords. This is a lot of friends are often the most neglected problems. Note the keywords in the relevant wording three mark, mainly refers to the title tag, Keywords tag, description tag. The title tag attention user experience will be appropriate keywords into a word or phrase, this sentence can be about website brand, or website localization, or web site for user groups and so on. For example, the A5 station network will be on the admin5贵族宝贝 website | webmaster webmaster information and service center. This sentence is simple, the webmaster, stationmaster net website and skillfully combined to give fresh, simple experience, the last prominent theme of the site webmaster information and service center. Careful you look at the words of the title in about 30 words or so, this brief words related writing points should pay attention to the website title and the problems that reflect the most incisive hope you can according to their own website, good learning and reference. Second, keyword tags. Keywords tag can choose two to three right words respectively to semiangle commas, don’t intentionally stack a lot of keywords, to control the number of must grasp the sense of proportion is best not more than three, the description of the author suggested that integrate Web site keywords and website localization to a brief description of this text. And the title of the writing, the length can be a little long, the site of the telephone contact can also be appropriate to fill in the note: be sure to form a can read the text, you can let customers by the description of what it was to your website main service, what are the main characteristics and so on. A >

search engine algorithm, how can we improve the site’s ranking in search engines is an urgent problem for many optimization practitioners have been considered and face. A lot of friends website is also the intention of maintenance, but the snapshot and ranking is not always necessarily? Some friends like to do the site roller coaster, today, tomorrow down again. The crux of these problems out there in the end? How to make our website to increase the weight, obtain good performance in the search engine optimization is our employees have been concerned, thinking and research, the author will own some experience and idea is how to improve the website ranking and everybody to share, I hope to play the role of peers, learning together, mutual encouragement, we continued good gossip short to the point. Today I want to talk about the main line on the site has more than one year or longer, but the ranking is not always exactly. How can we find the website of the problems to be appropriate strategies to solve the problem, let us have a good change website.

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