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I suggest that early

company’s Web site is just a decoration, just a simple list of some products, I get the first after the revision, do the following things, choose high search volume for the website keywords high low correlation competitive. After this is done as if people set goals, with a clear goal, in the jargon is to consider their target customers to provide a channel for the entrance and the goal of customer visits.

second, add and even the construction of website content.

just started adding statistical code like cnzz for the web site, this can be a very good background from the observation and analysis of the current site visitors from distribution data in key sources, website bounce rate etc. This will greatly improve the ability to analyze my site in the promotion of the optimization process, can be targeted to observe those areas of user demand for us the product is relatively large, such as the telephone whether sales or business entities will give constructive advice to improve the accuracy of the customer. In a >

site keywordsWhen I first came to

I have been engaged in the business operation of the site, has been nearly 2 years for the operation optimization of some of the views and perspectives would also like to talk about their own business station. I think a good corporate website optimization Shanghai dragon is on the one hand, good marketing ability and the user conversion rate is the enterprise stand to the pursuit of the goal, to my own enterprise website analysis. In Shanghai Longfeng station mainly focus on the following two points.

first, add code and service code for web site statistics.

first, select the

website mainly in the original content, original content including product introduction, product features and product for which the main customer groups which are embodied in the article, the article all rely on keyword expansion, add a little for the user to consider ideas, such as our company is selling a security check tool, not only outside provide the features of the relevant security check for the user to provide some tools such as how to establish security system, what are the secret knowledge of military enterprises etc. These are for the user experience in consideration, don’t let others to see you on the website only product advertising, this is not conducive to the user experience.

people to buy your products you should first look at the contents of the work site which actively help only so that users will feel the need to talk to you, you can also call the construction site to contact you. I do not recommend too much too fast increase of the external links, can be appropriate to write a soft, or some links exchange platform to attract spiders, do not start is not rich in the website content under the condition of large-scale forum to do so I think the signature build blog outreach The loss outweighs the gain. increase too fast, may lead to love Shanghai punishment. The beginning step by step, the original content is the basis for the quality of the original content development of website itself and the user experience is undoubtedly be of great advantage for.

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