two, this also and this column about medical medical industry, and other industries, there is special; and now do a lot of medical, private hospitals have emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. So many medical articles on the site are basically the same, flooding the network medical information useless, articles are copied to copy, the highly similar, resulting in the overall quality of medical articles in serious decline. It makes the classification of medical information online section of the article is rarely included, rather than the entire platform.

you see chart, five article pseudo original degree, but I only in the medical section of hair of a disease and other articles are not included, in the maternal section in the article is normal included.

1, the title of

is three, and the relationship, I see a lot of the classified information, layout confusion, reverse order (probably to pseudo original), and readability is too poor, not a user experience, obviously the search engine that is not love, we talk about where

We included?

in a recent period of time, I found a very interesting phenomenon in the hair of the chain. I usually work mainly based on the classification of information issued by the chain, but for a long time to release in the medical section in the few articles will be included, sometimes even a no charge. I was more depressed, my thought is the quality problem, so I deeply pseudo original, did not expect the same results. What is the reason? I made the following analysis:

, a website of information release platform, this is his own weight and website are related, I also practice. For example, relatively high as list network, 51 city and the weights of the website, classified information released will be included, even if the original degree is very low (as a hospital name) will be included, but like some low weight website, I was not specifically pointed out, I believe we have met so many the site is the original is not included.

the title is the first step to see a spider, is I >

article to optimize all aspects based on increasing user experience, here to introduce some of the methods I write this article, we hope to have a little help.

analysis of these reasons and let everyone to find a better weight and higher platform to release information, do not let everyone not in the medical section of the other columns to send. I think after all or only one point, is to let our customers love our article, the readability, only the user experience, search engine will often visit. We cannot optimize to optimize, not for promotion and promotion. Your article is the user wants to know, they will see, not our initiative to give them some knowledge.

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