Step 1: years of silence

register must be necessary (each page here only discuss the counter with charts), it can not only record the growth of your every step, but also through the list of the famous sites, so do not do the early evening. Here there are problems, it is best to put it on the main page.

second step: register engine

although registered in the search engine is the main way to make the site name, there are skills, it is not registered on the matter. The search keywords (Keywords) play a very important role, because the definition of keywords in each region is different, so you should try to play the characteristics, such as your site is the site of the 1000 network side, as long as the closest keyword, add some columns, you can increase the chance to search.

The third step:

swap advertising is each site indispensable Dongdong, then your site in the filling stage, the counter also let you feel ashamed, to make advertisement from selling boast. The best choice of the more well-known domestic 1: 1 exchange advertising sites, the majority of foreign exchange site exchange is low, and the site must have English version. In addition, the color of the best Banner color, in order to achieve the purpose of stimulating the human eye, the size of 10% to less than the required small to 20%, it is easy to attract the attention of visitors.

fourth step: want to say

now that there are little capital, can go to the major forum, community, BBS, IRC, Chatroom, post, pull, but attention should be paid to conform to the theme, so as the irrigation is blocked. It is best to ask relevant questions or respond, along with their home will do selling links, can best focus.

The fifth step:

The sixth step:

in the principle of publicity, you should each rushed to a site, you see there is no automatic login, if not, see the link, to meet the requirements, then copy the connection code, write down the address, and then to the guestbook, and is willing to do friendship connection, leave. In this way, each update will be more than a few links, until your link is difficult to place, you can do a classification, do

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