said the station of Shanghai Longfeng statistical data, we must also want to stand outside a Shanghai dragon data statistics, then look directly below

The analysis of the internal data of

A website internal data analysis table

1 chain

1 today included

2 chain

B external links data analysis table


The quality of

sleep wake up every day, we are on the Shanghai dragon Er webmaster tools, check your site indexed by search engines, of course included not see it, we need to do a statistical, sometimes, say your site included problems, so good judge you by search engine right, this time can according to the content of the site quality makes the analysis more clearly, to solve the following problem

structure of the site also search engine to access the site, a good website structure is to avoid a large number of JS and flash, of course, the structure of the website also includes the keyword density of the most important problems, through the statistics more conducive to our website to do keyword density adjustment, is conducive to search engine to give our website ranking

believe that many friends are rookie signature chain in some of the more popular webmaster forum, in fact, the quality problem this time you should pay attention to the outside of the chain, why, because the search.

silent love learning Shanghai, there are a few months, in the past few months, their learning process is very difficult, but ultimately, their technology is improved, and have their own research experience, which of course thank A5 Shanghai Longfeng manager Tang Shijun to help me solve learning problems encountered in, not to say nonsense, how to share their data statistics.

.The number of

every day you need to check your site outside chain number is not too much, or is not your site outside the chain is too small, a lot of rookie friends do not really understand the Shanghai dragon, so do not today 100 chain is tomorrow 10 chain, with the degree of mood, in fact, the chain the daily number of stable, this time making a statistical table better check your outside chain is outside the chain is too little, or

website is very necessary, the daily number of recorded content is also very large, so here we will be divided into 3 parts:

website snapshot site structureThe

every day to do a snapshot of the statistics, sometimes, your website snapshot appears to stop, you can quickly find your site is not the existence of the phenomenon of cheating or excessive optimization, and interested friends can do research on snapshot, analysis of the new algorithm to love Shanghai.

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