2, there is no page according to the demand with different compression format, can be used instead of the local color with no color instead of CSS, and JS file is compressed, the code is cumbersome

all of the above as the Shanghai dragon Er can immediately go to realize and optimize the place, you only need to spend some time and energy


third: add to the picture of "title" and "ALT" attribute

site navigation bar set is not flattered, when the user needs to take the time to look hard to find the column address or find the right address column guide, your design is undoubtedly very failure! Many web designers love in the navigation bar design, with beauty and their preferences for leading you navigation bar is designed for users, concise, clear navigation can help you achieve a higher click rate column.

this is a restless era, the speed of life rhythm let us lose more patience, so when your site loading speed for more than 4 seconds, you will lose a large number of visitors to

!1, ! !

home page size has no control within 100K? If there is no hurry to your home to lose weight now, because the home page is your window, the visitors hope is quick to see it

3, if your site is a dynamic page, there is no use of caching technology to generate static pages or

think in the navigation bar, do not set too obvious interference of visual attention, because when the user’s attention is attracted to his thinking of something else also follow the jump, is that users will often forget his original purpose, so that the site lost more accurate click.

in Shanghai dragon flying training today, Shanghai dragon is no longer mysterious! Online to talk about Shanghai Longfeng tutorial and experience a lot, novice in watch part of Shanghai dragon tutorial often feel the enthusiasm of Shanghai dragon originally so simple, is nothing more than the chain and content! In the competition is so fierce that today. You are falling behind the competition is often ignored you. Today I have ten of their concerns easily overlooked details of Shanghai dragon and share with you, but I just can’t give some examples of very comprehensive, just to give you that in Shanghai Longfeng there are many details, do not just stare at the chain and content > : the first web page access speed control

? !

here today, I have to say is not the server configuration, but small easily overlooked several influence factors the page loading speed. As a focus on the details of the optimization of Shanghai dragon Er should check their in these aspects have to do

search engine is simulated users to access your site, but he, "

second: a simple and clear navigation bar


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