in the chain is love Shanghai has hit, now the webmaster more or less foreign chain construction have a new understanding. Slowly I have now found a lot of stationmaster net share articles are talking about user experience in the construction of the original content, and some techniques on the optimization of Shanghai dragon slowly fade.

I think this phenomenon is quite good, I know you, sometimes in order to do a so-called chain, our webmaster in the Internet really "contribution" too much useless information. Especially for webmaster forum websites and local forums is very great. I believe everyone everywhere is a primary content is to do outside the chain of the post, the chain so much? In an article on the "Shanghai love to tell you some common but the chain" can’t do this in fact love Shanghai also gave us the answer, this way is called false promotion is really recommended, love Shanghai believes that the low quality of the chain, the chain effect that almost negligible.

Of course,

said today in the pseudo original, A5 has seen a "we why not for the original and crazy" article, the article content I will not comment. But I think this article is to write a lot of webmaster original content distressed voice. But I think for the original article, deliberately do not need too.

really don’t need too deliberate, because the original article may not be able to bring a good ranking to you, but to the user point of view, we are inclined to the site administrator to write articles, rather than always copying or modifying the content of others, because the same information the Internet too much. The user does not need too much to understand the platform.

for the original content of the recognition ability of love Shanghai has to do a hundred percent recognition, but I think this is a trend. Scindapsus algorithm foreign chain blow is a good case, so do not rule out future love Shanghai for pseudo original content against low quality.

here I also want to remind do Shanghai dragon friends, some low quality of the chain case about love in an article in Shanghai almost our operation before the construction of the chain way love Shanghai can identify, it is more "terrorist". So don’t underestimate the love of Shanghai foreign chain content judgment and recognition ability.

I think both the construction of the chain or the contents of the construction is good, they must clear direction, as the love of Shanghai to determine whether there is a value chain on the basis of the original article, you are not really recommended to your readers for your users? If you like earlier said false recommendation really promotion in this article, the user does not pay the bill this search engine is not natural.


today, we are thinking change slowly, slowly abandon the past "the chain for emperor" mind, began to shift to the content construction. Then why do you want to talk about the construction of the original content? Don’t write original articles means that ranking? Actually I think this is a misunderstanding.

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