recently, "in 5 years of commitment to let love Shanghai more open" as the theme of love in Shanghai Webmaster Platform 5th anniversary party online activities kicked off, another big wave hit welfare.


and webmaster exchange, often asked "where to check love Shanghai PageRank" "Shanghai is how to calculate the weight of love" and so on questions. This platform you once again: love Shanghai, love Shanghai PageRank weight there is no

test your love and intimacy "


during the event, the station platform for the chain of ideas more authority awards, X-BOX awards and Eng real love Shanghai Webmaster Platform community gold and many other gifts, sub time seckill, let more benefit from the site.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform since 2012 on the line, as a bridge of love Shanghai search and docking site only, has been committed to providing data query, website search engine optimization tools and other services for 5 years, products continue to update, ecology continues to open up, has become the world’s largest search traffic management for Internet Chinese Internet management mobile developers, entrepreneurs, the official platform, the site has been 3 million 200 thousand love Shanghai Webmaster Platform provides services to the future, we look forward to serving more sites and resources, work together to improve the Internet ecosystem.

? ! search" in Shanghai

I and Webmaster Platform total growth of

cohesion test address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/act/fiveyear

remember the August 31st held in Beijing Sanlitun moonlight bar love Shanghai Webmaster Platform 5th anniversary iron party Carnival "? All kinds of links and the game so that more than 100 Web site managers play high.

and love Shanghai Webmaster Platform cooperation after five years, there must be a lot of emotion and a platform for the story? The area to record your a little bit on the road to you, let more people see your site and your story and platform.

enough and not be able to attend the eat melon masses have said that we can participate in online activities? What time at

however, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform announced Shanghai search site for closeness and love "degree" concept for the first time, 5 years of love and Shanghai search cooperation, want to know if you love Shanghai in search position in the heart, now you can achieve

limited authority, seckill gift big run

this online activity is divided into three parts:

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