a person with good logical thinking ability, but do not necessarily have good language skills, often engaged in the occupation of Shanghai dragon to a certain stage, you will find the communication and coordination between the various functions occupy a large part of your work time proportion, while working in particular pose data about facts, reason in order to survive, but not all things can let you take a picture or chart data comparison of legend, this time trying to convince your boss or investor, should have strong interpersonal and communication skills will take effect. As a mentor Xiao Bian was a lecturer, but also the development of many years, have their own practices in the coordination of almost within the company, so go out and open yourself, share with their peers, exercise their communication skills with strangers is very necessary in the course of time, it can achieve stability without chaos, such a thing is arranged in good order, technical ability and communication skills of the people do not lead, as well as justice? In short, don’t excuse his eloquence as no obstacle, make clear their own shortcomings, it is necessary to overcome the bottleneck, never to those who just want to dare to try to set the.

, three technical problems

, a degreeShanghai dragon

two, eloquence

engaged in this occupation, the seemingly low threshold, if the truth to regard it as an occupation to do so, the water is deep, then what is the relationship between this and education? It is because of Shanghai, the threshold is not high, a little training can be from a cut, so the general enterprise in this type of functions of the recruit staff, does not require such a high level of education, in order to standardize the general college level, but with the development, you will find that the degree of more or less will have some side effects on advanced after you, so many people are good during the spare time will choose a what class. To enhance the degree of their problems, to prepare a part of education is also possible period of want or need! After all, personal image packaging, in some large company system is relatively rigid, the promotion system in Education To be a part of the essential considerations, so don’t let your occupation career education become the main bottleneck.

in a Q & a platform, see Shanghai dragon industry large coffee out of such a problem: "Shanghai dragon has been engaged in this occupation, what is the biggest bottleneck you meet?" said the truth, at first glance, my heart still thought, eloquence degree??? Network? Management? Etc., for money? Different people will encounter bottlenecks, certain aspects of a certain stage in all think about yourself, suddenly a black head, the bottleneck has been completely surrounded me, so Xiaobian want to borrow this article beat lovely colleagues, to alert each other

Xiao Bian believes that with the popularity of Internet technology, the threshold of technology has been more and more low, as long as you have ideas, creative, good business.


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