today and I opened a Taobao shop chat with the next day. Suddenly realized that Taobao’s small sellers and our grassroots webmaster is now facing the situation is the same. My fellow in Guangzhou opened a women’s clothing store Taobao. Last year also earned a lot of money, small sellers can gain to 100 thousand is very good. A person to do this achievement. This year as Taobao continues to withdraw from the new deal. They are also trapped in the same predicament as us, Taobao search, through the train is less and less traffic.

this is an amazing acquaintance with our webmaster. We grassroots webmaster from the full year K station to this year’s continuous update algorithm. We can get traffic from Baidu is less and less. And they Taobao small sellers. Last year they burn do the train effect is very good, this is completely different. According to him, the flow is almost 2 times less. For these small sellers, many are brought by train to make money flow. This decline with the increase in the cost of advertising, they are really suffering.

Why did

become like this?. Search engines and Taobao are now focused on serving the wealthy. Because money provides better products and services, they can make more money. There is no one who is right, in this economic society, is to make money. When I was chatting with my friends today, I put forward my own views on the problems he faces.

I suggest small sellers can jump out of the flow of Taobao itself to the circle. Flow diversification. I suggest that the friends do QQ group marketing. Because it is a person to open the Taobao shop, so limited experience to do a simple and most realistic on the line. What micro-blog, WeChat marketing do not engage in. All of their previous customers to their QQ group inside the slow training and maintenance. Although the workload will be very large, but as the days and months multiplying users will become more and more, when we accumulated to ten thousand people, these are very high purchasing power users, our shop sales have no worry. Of course, here I give him just to provide their own ideas, the specific details and the implementation or he needs to perform.

in fact here and we grassroots station facing the problem is the same as the K station, we get less and less traffic from the search engine, and even No. So what are we going to do, my fellow villager is also facing this problem. We need to find other Internet portal to bring their own traffic. Is to do directly to the user, these users stay in their hands. We have these real and effective users, our ranking will naturally rise, our Taobao store search traffic collection will be up. But we have changed from passive to active. Take the initiative firmly in their own hands. My friend has begun to implement the operation, if the effect is good, I will take out to share with you!

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