I do classification of logistics station, traffic has been not good, because I don’t have time. Two days before the 2 static link changes prompted by a sudden impulse, navigation on the dynamic link, because the two link if it is static call on its page of the city information will not change with the transformation of different city, of course, this is to allow more information to consider that the spider crawling. Did not expect second days after, love Shanghai immediately right down. Check the statistics to know, after bring traffic accounted for less than sogou.

This is

this is my site included historical statistics, statistics also show that is from the beginning of 18, love Shanghai so far has been on the increase, from 3790 to 3880 now, and the amount of data will increase by more than 10 during the.

before Google at a time when many webmaster can easily cope with the love of Shanghai brought down right after the loss, while Google out of the mainland to Hongkong, because of its intermittent access, in speed is also slowly in the mainland just passable, its share of the search has been recently Sogou "mild rear end" Google love frustrated, sad! Shanghai proud. Cause now the webmaster to love Shanghai every act and every move has reached QianYiFaErDongQuanShen. I love Shanghai right down, it is undoubtedly in the webmaster wipe neck. The following is to look for the rookie webmaster, Laoniao is probably a waste of time, please look at the old owners don’t spray

cnzz statistics for the last 30 days of the search engine traffic sources in the evening of November 17th, from the 18 drop right immediately.

, love Shanghai and can not fully explain the normal snapshot of your site is not drop right;

Increasing This is the history of anti

two, included is not love Shanghai not secretly "kick you";

but I checked the love of Shanghai, the normal snapshot included in this update, a few days down right also has been increasing, but is trans Shanghai love to drop a lot, to this day Shanghai my website chain cut half. The following is related to the screenshot, you can also through the relevant inquiries to verify the authenticity of

four, through my own experience, that love of Shanghai navigation links > note

three, if the chain you suddenly decreased substantially in normal circumstances, your site must be reduced right;

chain on my site, shows the history of anti chain, from the beginning of 18, the chain I cut from 12800 to 7040, 6270 to date, the chain is has been reduced. First, I this site for a long time did not send the chain, the chain is also very stable before, have not done what black caps through improper obtain links, so you can judge the chain is not normal is not caused due to improper operation of the station.

From this we can know:

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