if the industry is very competitive, so the advertising costs will be high, but also easy to competitors to spoof, long time continuous drainage.

image search engine is love Shanghai love Shanghai although not directly identify the picture, but you can identify words, as long as the upload pictures written on the ALT label (the content of image attributes, attribute is inside the engine, then the expression) you know this picture is what meaning, included it in large database when the ALT content, before people search your love, Shanghai will show out to search.


so when the pictures uploaded to their website, be sure to fill out the ALT notes, is also a part of drainage. If you have no website, we must rely on some large relatively high weight of the information platform, such as Alibaba, Marco Polo, HC, 58 fair, open account and bulk upload product photos.

, a free third party platform, including in EDM (email marketing, video marketing)… Pay love Shanghai auction, WeChat advertisers pay, cooperation and resources of the company.


it should be to optimize the keywords, choose a little longer, such as small cement mortar mixer, mixer, small small portable.

for example the customer search "small mixer" in love Shanghai, love Shanghai pictures will be displayed in the forefront of the search results, as shown above, the customer will not go to the web page, to see the picture may look great, after all, the whole shape, at the time of purchase, my heart will be.


is currently a lot of people from the media, personal webmaster, B2B business promotion operators will take free promotion and pay promotion method to obtain the flow, then the transformation.

"small mixer" competition is a little big, as shown above, the love of Shanghai index have gone to 460 people, is not particularly long, want a picture in the front row, not too easy.

The principle of


information and contact information in the image, so when customers see later, will not have to contact us, so as to achieve the turnover of

noted that the name, title sales product pictures are the words "small mixer", as long as can do keywords where, in order to increase the chance of the search engines.

today Guangzhou laomai to share the search engine through love Shanghai pictures, with long tail keywords to free drainage, whether it is to increase business friends, micro micro signal increase fans to WeChat public, or to their own web site to flow, it is very applicable.

If we add

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